What is Qwak?

About Qwak

Qwak is an ML Engineering Platform that provides you all the tools you need to build, deploy, and monitor your machine learning models, while eliminating clumsy handoffs between data scientists and engineers.

Qwak machine learning overview

Use Qwak to build and manage the entire Machine Learning Lifecycle. Easily Prepare data, train and deploy models, monitor, and automate your pipelines, all in one place.

The First ML Engineering Platform

  • Deploy and iterate on your machine learning models faster.
  • Test, serialize, and package your models using a flexible build mechanism.
  • Deploy models as REST endpoints, streaming applications, or batch transformation jobs.
  • Deploy gradually and AB test your models in production.
  • Query model results and visualize model behavior in production.

Use Qwak to get your models to production

Machine Learning Production Observability

  • Gain control and visibility of your production model machine learning environment.
  • Deploy builds, view performance metrics, manage model features, and analyze and query your inference models.

Automated Feature Pipelines

  • Use Qwak Feature Store to build batch, streaming and real-time feature transformations with end-to-end feature pipeline visibility.
  • Seamlessly integrate feature pipelines with Qwak-based models, using a powerful and automatic feature extraction mechanism.

Flexible Deployment Models

  • Choose Qwak Cloud for a quick and secure deployment.
  • Alternatively, choose Qwak Hybrid architecture, with your data and models secured in your own cloud environment.